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Simmons First will have a new web site dedicated to our credit card customers beginning June 13, 2011. Online access to deposits and loans will be unchanged.

To access your credit card information, you will have to enroll on the new site. Enrollment is quick and easy with immediate access. To enroll, please click here.  You should find the new site easy to use with the added benefits of:

  • Viewing your authorized transactions, not only the processed ones.
  • Making online payments immediately upon enrollment - from any checking or savings account at any financial institutions in the United States.
  • Scheduling up to three payments at a time.

After June 13th you will no longer be able to access your credit card accounts on Bank Anywhere. Beginning June 13th your credit card statements will be available through Simmons First Credit Card Online Services. Your May statement will be the last statement you receive from Simmons First Bank Anywhere. The new site will provide access to your current month’s activity, going forward. If you need to retain any of your account history or online statements prior to June 13, 2011, you will need to print or download the details from the Bank Anywhere site prior to June 13, 2011.