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CD Rom Image Statements

Simmons Bank's CD-ROM Image Service is a sophisticated way you can save money, time and improve the efficiency of your disbursement detail without leaving your desk. Each month a CD-ROM is received by your company that contains images of all the checks (back and front) paid for the month, making it easy to access those checks at any time. Simmons Bank CD-ROM Image Service is available on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Check Imaging via Simmons Bank Anywhere is a service whereby digital images of your checking account items are available for viewing on your PC as soon as one day after they were posted.

The Way It Works

  • Each day all paper-based items drawn on and credited to your account are sent through a special sorter that digitally images both sides.
  • System reconciliations are done every day and at month end to ensure that the items being imaged match with items being captured for your statement.
  • Check imaging does not affect the timing or content of any of your current check processing services unless you request it. Paper statements, reconcilement services, etc. will not be affected.


  • There will be a dramatic reduction in the time-spent finding and handling items when performing research. No need to wait days for a photocopy.
  • Storage requirements also will be dramatically reduced as you discover the efficiency of CD-ROM storage. It is unlikely your monthly volume will exceed the capacity of a single CD-ROM since the CD can handle in excess of 50,000 front and back images.
  • The CD-ROM statement viewer software (included with the CD-ROM statement) allows you to manipulate the size and orientation of the images, zoom in on specific sections for ease of verification, perform various sort and search options, extract dollar ranges and much more.
  • In between the delivery of your daily, weekly, or monthly CD-ROM statement you can view your items through Simmons Bank Anywhere. A 60-day history is available.


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**Product and service availability subject to customer qualification and approval by Simmons Bank.