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Successful life and business goals begin with a plan. To meet the diverse needs of our customers, Simmons First Trust Company offers a full range of products and services, all delivered through the personal guidance of experienced trust advisors. We have the information and tools you need for estate planning, wealth management, retirement planning, retirement plan administration and much more.

We have recently expanded our company with the addition of Delta Trust & Bank. We are excited to welcome all of the trust experts from Delta Trust. Delta Trust earned a reputation for being a premier provider of trust investment management and fiduciary services in the communities they served, and we welcome their outstanding team to our Simmons First Trust Company. As a result of this merger, we will be the largest trust company in Arkansas with an experienced team of over 50 professionals and trust offices in ten cities.

Visit our Financial Resources Center for information and tools on managing and reaching your financial goals.  No matter where you are in life, the more you know about handling your finances, the better your chances of reaching your goals. The Financial Resources Center  breaks down money management tips and tools by age to help organize your financial goals and help you get there faster. Click here  to learn more.