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ACH Blocks and Filters

Simmons Bank's ACH Blocks and Filter services are a cost effective way to protect your company’s checking account from unauthorized ACH transactions.

ACH Blocks
Block all ACH debits and/or credits from posting to your company’s account(s).

ACH Filters
Set various criteria to authorize certain ACH debit and/or credits to post to your company's account while excluding others.

The Way It Works

Your company will let us know what ACH transactions, if any, should be permitted to post to your company’s checking account. Any transaction presented that is not specifically permitted will be sent back to the originator of the transaction.

  • Your company does not worry about managing unauthorized ACH transactions that have posted to the company checking account.
  • Your company controls the list of permitted ACH transactions for the company checking account.
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**Product and service availability subject to customer qualification and approval by Simmons Bank.